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Australian Crypto Startup Invites Steve Wozniak to ‘Digital Currency Holiday Town’

by dave
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Exciting news in the crypto world! An Australian travel tech startup has extended a unique invitation to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, to visit Agnes Water and Town of 1770, Australia’s pioneering digital currency towns. This Brisbane-based startup, TravelbyBit, is making waves by enabling businesses to accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for travel experiences.

TravelbyBit’s innovative approach caught Wozniak’s interest, especially since he expressed a desire to travel the world using Bitcoin. They recommended that he use their platform to book his flights to these idyllic beach towns in Central Queensland, offering a glimpse into a crypto-friendly vacation destination.

TravelbyBit is leading the charge in showcasing how cryptocurrencies can be used in real-time transactions. Their approach aligns with the needs of crypto enthusiasts who prefer using digital currencies for everyday purchases.

Agnes Water and Town of 1770 stand out as prime examples of communities embracing decentralized payment networks like Bitcoin. Over 30 businesses in these towns accept Bitcoin, illustrating a growing trend towards crypto adoption in the travel sector.

For travelers, using Bitcoin eliminates the hassle of currency exchange and high commission fees. It’s like carrying a global token, making international travel more convenient and cost-effective.

Moreover, Brisbane International Airport has also embraced this trend, accepting cryptocurrencies across terminals. If Wozniak accepts this invitation, it could mark a significant step forward in the crypto revolution, particularly in the travel industry.

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