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Comprehensive Monero News and Updates: Developments, Releases, and More (July 2024)

by muhammed
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Development, Releases, and Technology

Cypher Stack Reviews FCMP++

Cypher Stack has completed their review of Luke Parker’s FCMP++, providing a detailed analysis of the full-chain membership proof construction and its security. You can read the full review here.

Monero Stressnet Node Update

Rucknium released Monero Stressnet Node v250., which includes a new stressnet monitor. This monitor gives real-time updates on the stressnet’s status, even during downtimes. The blockchain explorer faces issues due to node strain. Key updates are changes in internal data structures, peer ban adjustments, and block sync optimizations. More details are here.

Monero Stressnet Project Report

Rucknium and Spackle shared the first-week report on the Monero Stressnet project, highlighting major improvements. Key updates include faster node restart times and better handling of larger blocks. Notable achievements are processing 33,074 transactions in an hour and a 2.49 MB block at height 2521514.

Monero Java Library v0.8.31

Woodser released version 0.8.31 of the monero-java library. This update includes libraries built from Ubuntu 20.04 for x86_64 and arm64 architectures, improving compatibility and performance.

Monero TypeScript Library v0.9.9

Woodser also released version 0.9.9 of the monero-ts library. This update brings various fixes and improvements for creating Monero applications using RPC and WebAssembly bindings to Monero v0.18.3.3 ‘Fluorine Fermi’. Key changes include fixing URL parsing issues in Next.js, updating documentation for wallet RPC getBalances(), adding ‘web-worker’ to Node.js externals, and enhancing error handling and connection stability.

P2Pool v4.0 Release

SChernykh released P2Pool v4.0 with merge mining support, which will be enabled after the next hardfork on October 12, 2024. Users must update to P2Pool v4.0 or newer before this date. Key updates include parallel calculation of hashing blobs, a starting difficulty for autodiff, and several bug fixes. More details are here.

Basicswap-bash v0.13.4

Nahuhh, aka ofrnxmr, released v0.13.4 of basicswap-bash, a suite of bash scripts for installing and managing BasicSwapDEX on Windows (WSL), Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, and Fedora. Detailed installation instructions are available on the GitHub release page.

UnstoppableSwap GUI v0.6.2

Binarybaron released UnstoppableSwap GUI v0.6.2, featuring updates and improvements like a button to open the data directory in the file explorer, clickable links for individual update release files, and a debug switch converted to an icon button on the swap dialog. More details are here.

Ethereum to Monero Atomic Swaps

Atomic Monero introduced Ethereum to Monero Atomic Swaps using the AthanorLabs ETH->XMR protocol. This new feature has been live for several weeks and is working smoothly. More details can be found here.

XMR-BTC Atomic Swaps Proposal

Binarybaron and einliterflasche submitted a CCS proposal to continue developing XMR-BTC atomic swaps. This six-month project will focus on maintaining and improving both the GUI and CLI, making the GUI more user-friendly, and potentially releasing a mobile version for Android and iOS. They also plan to manage the GUI webpage, documentation, and a public registry of swap providers. More information is available here and here.

Haveno v1.0.8 Release

Woodser released Haveno v1.0.8, featuring support for Tails with an install script and documentation. Haveno is a privacy-focused, non-custodial, decentralized exchange for Monero. This update includes various improvements, updates, and bug fixes. More details can be found here.

Monero Node on umbrelOS

UmbrelOS now supports running a full Monero node, thanks to deverickapollo. The Monero Node application is available in the official App Store for umbrelOS version 0.5 and above. More information is available here.

Cake Wallet and Monero.com Updates

Cake Labs released Monero.com v1.16.0 and Cake Wallet v4.19.0, now supporting Wownero wallets along with various Monero fixes and enhancements. For more details and to download the wallet, visit the GitHub repository or the Cake Labs website.

Unnamed Monero Wallet Update

MrCyjanek posted a fourth CCS progress report, marking the completion of the first milestone for their Unnamed Monero Wallet development proposal. The update includes improvements to iOS builds, CI for iOS, removal of a dependency for Android, patches ported to Wownero, and the addition of a dummy device for Ledger. More information is here.

AcceptXMR v0.14.0 Release

Busyboredom released AcceptXMR v0.14.0 along with the initial version (v0.1.0) of AcceptXMR-Server, a comprehensive Monero payment gateway. This release marks the completion of the first milestone from busyboredom’s CCS proposal. The developer is now working on implementing a WordPress plugin as the next milestone. More information can be found here.

MoneroSigner Rebranding

DiosDelRayo released MoneroSigner v0.4, announcing MoneroSigner is rebranding to XmrSigner to avoid confusion with a similarly named abandoned project. Key updates include a view-only wallet QR, a new logo, version updates, and code refactoring. More details are here.

Gupax v1.3.9 Release

Hinto-janai released Gupax v1.3.9, featuring an update to its list of XMR remote nodes, specifically removing xmrnode.facspro.net. Gupax is a GUI for mining Monero on P2Pool using XMRig. Full details are available on GitHub.

Gupaxx v1.2.0 Release

Cyrix126 released Gupaxx v1.2.0, now with support for Xmrig-Proxy, along with several bug fixes and updates. Gupaxx, a maintained fork of Gupax, integrates the XMRvsBeast Raffle, simplifying mining on P2Pool and allowing optional participation in the raffle. Full details are available here.

Pago Payment Gateway Proposal

Keith Irwin (ki9) submitted a CCS proposal to develop Pago, a lightweight and easy-to-deploy Monero payment gateway that can be embedded into any website. Pago aims to feature flexible HTML/CSS/JS frontends and minimal external dependencies. More information is available here.

June 2024 Monero Dev Report

Selsta posted their June 2024 Monero dev report, highlighting several updates, including continued work on v0.18.3.4, assistance with an OSS-Fuzz issue, initial support for the stressnet, and various smaller bug fixes. Check it out here.

Monero Dev Activity Report

Monero Observer released a new Monero Dev Activity Report to provide a big-picture view of Monero’s development activity throughout the past week. If you’re interested in the details, check it out here.

General News

Monero for Ukrainian Draft Dodgers

As the war in Ukraine continues, stricter measures against draft dodgers include freezing their bank accounts and seizing property. Monero offers a decentralized and private means of financial transactions, allowing individuals to manage and move their funds without fear of government intervention. Learn more about this issue here.

Monero’s Privacy Features in DEXs

Using a private cryptocurrency like Monero on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) can help avoid the dangers of KYC processes, which require trusting third parties with sensitive information. Monero offers enhanced security by keeping user balances hidden, reducing the risk of targeted attacks. Learn more about this issue here.

MoneroKon 2024 Talks Available

All Monero

Kon 2024 talks are now available as podcasts on Spotify, self-hosted on Castopodon, and on YouTube. Listen on Spotify at spotify.monerokon.org, on Castopodon at audio.degooglemonero.com/@MoneroKonPodcast, or watch on YouTube on the channel Monero Community Workgroup.

The Watchman Privacy Podcast

In Episode 111 of The Watchman Privacy Podcast, Gabriel interviews Seth for Privacy about advanced Monero tactics and its next steps. They discuss acquiring no-KYC Monero, the importance of running your own node, and using Tor with Monero. Check out the full episode for more insights.

Monero Talk at PorcFest 2024

In a recent episode of Monero Talk, Doug joined Danny Akston, Paul Puey (CEO of Edge), and Sterlin Luján live at PorcFest 2024. They discuss privacy in cryptocurrency, challenges due to government crackdowns, and the adoption of privacy coins. Check it out here.

Monerotopia Episode #173

In Monerotopia episode #173, Doug presents the XMR Report with bawdyanarchist, covers the latest XMR news with Tuxsudo, and features special guest BitcoinLixin to discuss KeystoneWallet’s new support for Monero.

CitizenWeb3 Podcast with Francisco Cabañas

Francisco Cabañas (a.k.a. ArticMine) featured on the CitizenWeb3 podcast, discussing the “War on Privacy,” the risks of surveillance, and the benefits of decentralizing the banking industry. He highlighted Monero’s swift transaction times, strong privacy features, and solutions to blockchain scaling issues. Listen to the full episode for an in-depth conversation.


Check out the latest blog posts on the LIBERECO website. Read ‘The New World Order: From Dollar To CBDC’ and explore the guide ‘Monero Cold Storage with Feather & Anonero’ to learn how to configure Monero cold storage. Both articles are available on the LIBERECO website.

Award-Winning Short Film “Límite”

George Nicholas, a long-time Monero community member and creator of the award-winning short film “Límite,” provided an update on the film’s campaign. Despite qualifying for the Oscars, it did not receive a nomination. The film premiered at the San Diego International Film Festival and was screened at MoneroKon in Prague. More information is here.

Monero Discussed by Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech, a YouTuber with over 500k subscribers, recently discussed Monero in a live stream. Check it out here.

Monero Observer Blitz #31

Monero Observer published Monero Observer Blitz #31 – June 2024. The Monero Observer Blitz is a recap of what happened in the Monero community this past June. Check it out here.

New Monero Imageboard

Monero Lover has launched a new Monero imageboard at monero.land. Check it out for Monero-related images and discussions.


Monero Research Lab Meeting

A Monero Research Lab (MRL) meeting will take place on Wednesday, July 17, 2024, at 17:00 UTC. More information about the meeting can be found here.

Seraphis Wallet Workgroup Meeting

The next Seraphis Wallet Workgroup meeting is on Monday, July 15, 2024, at 18:00 UTC in the #no-wallet-left-behind IRC channel. Learn more about Seraphis here.

Cuprate Meeting

The next Cuprate Meeting is scheduled for July 16, 2024, at 18:00 UTC in the #cuprate channel on IRC. Cuprate is an alternative Monero node written in Rust, designed to independently validate Monero consensus rules. More information is available here and here.

Exchanges and Merchants

XMR Usage on Coincards

XMR was the most used cryptocurrency on Coincards in June 2024, surpassing Bitcoin for the first time. XMR accounted for 34.4% of dollar volume, a 6.82% increase. Other notable cryptocurrencies include BTC at 25.96%, USDC at 20.20%, and ETH at 9.84%. More information is here.

Cake Pay is Back

Cake Wallet has announced the return of Cake Pay! Now you can buy gift cards privately using your favorite cryptocurrencies from top merchants. Download the latest update of Cake Wallet to enjoy the convenience of Cake Pay.

AllArk’s Private Stablecoin Transactions

AllArk launched an instant and private method to send stablecoins into and out of the Monero ecosystem using Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs). This new feature supports XUSD, a stablecoin on ETH/ARB chains, ensuring privacy in transactions. More information is here.

Accept Monero Resource Page

LIBERECO introduced a new resource page, “Accept Monero,” featuring tools to help businesses start accepting Monero payments. Check out their extensive list of Monero resources here.

Community Crowdfunding

Monero Observer CCS Proposal

Several crowdfunding proposals are awaiting community feedback before they can start accepting funds through the Community Crowdfunding System (CCS). The Monero Observer CCS proposal for Q3 2024 is now ready for community review. The proposal includes maintaining the Monero Observer website for the next three months. You can support the proposal by posting your feedback here.

Trading and Speculation

XMR/USDT Trading Prediction

VectorAlgo predicts the XMR/USDT price has hit resistance and appears to be rejected, with confirmation pending the candle close. A long trade can be considered once the price retraces, with good potential for a bull run if it bounces back from the support zone.

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