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Weekly Roundup: Crypto Gaming’s Latest Buzz

by dave
2 minutes read

Dive into the thrilling world of crypto gaming with our latest roundup! From **Saga**’s token airdrop to **PlayStation**’s potential NFT plans, we’ve got all the buzz-worthy news.

**Saga Airdrop Kicks Off:** The **Saga** blockchain, dedicated to gaming, has started its **SAGA token** airdrop, benefiting over 200,000 wallets from its play-to-airdrop campaign and DeFi staking.

**Notcoin’s Trading Frenzy:** The Telegram game **Notcoin** is stirring excitement in the crypto gaming scene with its pre-market trading launch, as players speculate on the future value of the NOT token.

**PlayStation Eyes NFTs:** Is **Sony** considering NFTs for user-owned assets in games? A patent application hints at a ‘super-fungible token’ format for in-game assets.

**Gaming Tokens on the Rise:** Tokens like **Pixels (PIXEL)**, **Beam (BEAM)**, and **Parallel (PRIME)** are hitting all-time highs, while **Gala (GALA)** and **Immutable (IMX)** reach multi-year peaks.

**Ubisoft’s NFT Venture:** The gaming giant is introducing its **Watch Dogs** franchise to the card-battler **Cross the Ages** with NFT cards, and joining the **XPLA** gaming network as a validator.

**Freebies from Coinbase and Base:** Grab free in-game cards and currency for the NFT game **Parallel**.

**Shrapnel’s Token Update:** The **Avalanche** FPS game **Shrapnel** has revised its token unlock schedule, reducing the amount of SHRAP unlocking in April.

**Esports and More:** **Portal** is hosting an esports tournament for **Dota 2**, and **BloodLoop** boasts 100,000 players in its play-to-airdrop campaign. **Apeiron** gears up for its **APRS token** sale on March 12.

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