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Insiders Say ConsenSys Faces a Hurdle to 2019 Rebound: Joe Lubin’s Grip

by dave
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Ethereum-centric venture studio ConsenSys, led by Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, has been a beacon of innovation in the blockchain world. This pioneering company has nurtured nearly 50 startups, known as ‘spokes’, since its inception in early 2015, driving forward the Ethereum technology and ecosystem.

However, with a 90 percent drop in Ethereum’s value over the past year, ConsenSys faced new challenges. The company, which once thrived under Lubin’s guidance, started experiencing significant changes. Layoffs began to unfold across its vast 1,200-person team as part of a strategic shift towards ‘ConsenSys 2.0’, focusing on efficiency and collaboration with external partners and investors.

The ‘spinning out’ of ventures from ConsenSys has become more than an aspiration; it’s now a necessity. While the future may seem uncertain, these projects continue to strive for success in a rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

Yet, attracting external investment remains a hurdle. Due to ConsenSys’ unique investment structure, which often involves holding a significant equity share in its spokes, external investors may be hesitant. This situation underscores the need for these startups to rapidly adapt and seek capital to sustain their innovative work in the blockchain technology sector.

Despite these challenges, some spokes like GitCoin continue to make strides. GitCoin, for instance, has been developing tools for cryptocurrency-based funding of open-source projects, contributing significantly to the broader Ethereum community.

As the blockchain landscape continues to evolve, ConsenSys and its spokes stand at a pivotal point. Their journey through the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market reflects the dynamic nature of this revolutionary technology. The road ahead may be complex, but the potential for innovation and growth in the Ethereum ecosystem remains immense.

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