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Exciting Launch: Jupiter’s Native Token JUP Airdrop Set to Ignite the Solana Ecosystem

by dave
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Get ready for a thrilling moment in the crypto world! Jupiter, the renowned Solana-based decentralized trading aggregator, is all set to make waves with the launch of its native token, JUP. Mark your calendars, as the big event unfolds this Wednesday at 10 a.m. EST!

In an exciting update, Jupiter’s pseudonymous founder, Moew, announced in a recent forum post that the initial maximum circulating supply of JUP has been adjusted to 1.35 billion, down from the earlier figure of 1.7 billion. This means, with JUP-U.S. dollar perpetuals trading at 65 cents on Aevo at the moment, JUP could kickstart its journey with an impressive market cap of around $700 million.

Breaking down the distribution, a whopping 1 billion coins are earmarked for airdrops, 50 million each allocated for loans to market makers on centralized exchanges and liquidity pool necessities, with the remaining 250 million dedicated to a launch pool. This airdrop is a strategic move to distribute new or existing tokens en masse, aiming to amplify adoption within the community.

Great news for Jupiter enthusiasts! Around 955,000 wallets that have engaged with Jupiter before Nov. 2 are in line to receive the JUP airdrop. This information comes straight from the data source Airdrop Official.

So, are you ready to be a part of this monumental airdrop and witness a new chapter in the Solana ecosystem? Let the countdown begin!

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