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Ethereum’s Soaring Potential: Could ETH Hit $10,000 in 2024?

by dave
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As the crypto world buzzes with anticipation, the big question on everyone’s mind is: Can Ethereum soar above the $10,000 mark in 2024? With the spotlight often on Bitcoin, Ethereum’s own journey is equally riveting, especially with predictions flying high from esteemed analysts.

Altcoin enthusiast Altcoin Gordon, with a following of over 400,000 on X, set the Ethereum community abuzz by forecasting an impressive year-end target of $11,250 for ETH. This prediction represents a substantial 3.4X leap from its current valuation, sparking excitement and optimism among investors.

While Bitcoin enjoys its moment with the recent SEC approval of ETFs and the buzz around its fourth halving, Ethereum is not far behind. The anticipation of an Ethereum ETF, coupled with the network’s deflationary supply post a pivotal 2022 upgrade, paints a promising picture for ETH’s future.

Adding to the Ethereum fervor, JP Morgan analysts are eyeing the Proto-Danksharding upgrade, further fueling expectations for ETH’s performance. Other notable predictions include a staggering $20K-$25K range from Web3 aficionado Defi Dad, in response to the diverse applications Ethereum’s ecosystem is set to embrace in 2024.

Anthony Sassano, an Ethereum expert, shared his bullish outlook for ETH with Forbes, highlighting the potential impact of EigenLayer staking, significant network upgrades, and the launch of spot ETH ETFs. JP Morgan’s December report also leans in favor of Ethereum, predicting it will outshine Bitcoin in 2024 thanks to the EIP-4844 upgrade.

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