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Ethereum’s Milestone: Surpassing Mastercard in Valuation

by dave
1 minutes read

Ethereum (ETH) has just sailed past an exciting milestone, breaking through the $3800 barrier and overtaking Mastercard in terms of market capitalization. This significant achievement underscores Ethereum’s growing influence and value in the global asset ranking.

With an 8% surge in the last day alone, Ethereum’s market cap saw a whopping increase of $30 billion. This positions ETH well above Mastercard, given that Ethereum’s price remains over $3665, showcasing its burgeoning market strength.

Reflecting on past glories, when Bitcoin was in the $67-68,000 range, Ethereum reached an all-time high above $4850. Adjusted for Ethereum’s inflation, this would be akin to a price of $4750 today, highlighting the potential for further growth.

Despite the mixed feelings surrounding the future of Ethereum spot ETFs, with some analysts predicting uncertainty, Ethereum’s price trajectory continues to impress. The remarkable 70% price increase since the start of the year further cements Ethereum’s status in the crypto arena.

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