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Spot Bitcoin ETFs See Record Inflows After July 4 Price Dip

by Tatjana
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Bitcoin Price Correction Sparks ETF Inflows

After Bitcoin’s price dropped below $54,000 on July 4, Spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United States saw a big jump in inflows. On July 6, these Spot Bitcoin ETFs experienced record inflows, with $143.1 million coming in, according to Farside Investors. This surge happened after Bitcoin’s price correction, which created a great opportunity for ETF investors to buy the dip.

Major ETFs See Large Inflows

The Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund (FBTC) led the way with $117 million in inflows. Following close behind, the Bitwise Bitcoin ETF (BITB) recorded a net inflow of $30.2 million. The ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF (ARKB) and VanEck Bitcoin Trust (HODL) ETFs saw inflows of $11.3 million and $12.8 million, respectively. However, not all funds saw gains. The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) had a net outflow of $28.6 million during this period.

Institutional Investors Take Advantage of the Dip

The strong inflows into Spot Bitcoin ETFs indicate that institutional investors and large-scale buyers are using the Bitcoin price dip to accumulate BTC at lower prices. Hunter Horsley, CEO of Bitwise Asset Management, emphasized his team’s efficiency in buying Bitcoin at a very low cost. He pointed out that the current market conditions offer a prime opportunity for both new and existing investors to buy Bitcoin. “The outlook for Bitcoin has never been stronger. For many who don’t yet have exposure, this week is a chance to buy the dip,” Horsley stated.

Bitwise Bitcoin ETF’s Growing Holdings

During the first week of July, the Bitwise Bitcoin ETF (BITB) registered inflows of over $66 million. This increase brought BITB’s total Bitcoin holdings to over 38,000 BTC. This demonstrates the strong confidence investors have in this ETF despite recent market fluctuations.

Bitcoin Ichimoku Cloud and Market Bounce

Related to the positive sentiment, the Bitcoin Ichimoku cloud provided reassurance as BTC prices bounced back from a four-month low. Renowned Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff also weighed in, noting that Bitcoin ETF investors have shown resilience. Despite recent market turbulence, Schiff observed that these investors remain committed to holding their assets, showing no signs of panic. “So far, there’s no sign of panic. It will likely take a much larger drop in Bitcoin before they finally capitulate,” Schiff commented. He further predicted a significant sell-off might happen soon, potentially leading to a capitulation among Bitcoin holders.

Mt. Gox Bitcoin Transfer

Bitcoin’s price recently fell to $55,200 on Coinbase. This drop followed a major transfer of 47,229 Bitcoin, worth around $2.71 billion, by the collapsed Japanese crypto exchange Mt. Gox. This was Mt. Gox’s first significant transaction since May and added to the market’s volatility.

Germany’s $111 Million Bitcoin Buyback

In an unexpected move, the German government, known for its recent large-scale Bitcoin sell-offs, bought back a significant amount of Bitcoin. Arkham Intelligence revealed that Germany purchased 1,915 BTC, worth $111.5 million, from major exchanges like Kraken, Bitstamp, and Coinbase. This buyback came after weeks of high-profile Bitcoin sales by the German government, which had sparked market volatility and raised questions about their crypto strategy. The sudden buyback has ignited speculation and renewed optimism among Bitcoin investors worldwide.

Government Bitcoin Transfers and Market Impact

On Friday morning, the German government transferred 1,047.4 BTC out of their wallets, worth $57.2 million. Of this, 547.4 BTC valued at $30.1 million was transferred to Flow Traders. Another 500 BTC, worth $27.1 million, is believed to have been sent for institutional or OTC services. Earlier in the month, the German government made another significant move, transferring 832.7 Bitcoins valued at approximately $52 million to major exchanges such as Bitstamp, Coinbase, and Kraken. Just two days later, they made another massive transfer of 3,000 Bitcoins, worth approximately $174 million. These moves have kept the market on edge, with Bitcoin’s value hitting a low of $53,700 yesterday.

Justin Sun’s Proposal to Stabilize the Market

In response to these significant transfers, Justin Sun, the founder of Tron (TRX), expressed his intention to negotiate with the German Government. Sun aims to minimize the impact of their sales on the market by suggesting off-market transactions. His goal is to find a solution that benefits all parties involved and prevents significant price fluctuations.


The recent Bitcoin price correction has led to record inflows for Spot Bitcoin ETFs, showing strong confidence among institutional investors. Major ETFs like the Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund, Bitwise Bitcoin ETF, ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF, and VanEck Bitcoin Trust have seen significant investments. Despite market turbulence and major transactions by entities like Mt. Gox and the German government, investor sentiment remains positive. The moves by the German government, especially their surprising buyback, have sparked renewed interest and optimism in the Bitcoin market.

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