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Bitcoin Dips Below $55,000: Significant Selling Pressure Ahead

by Tatjana
3 minutes read

Bitcoin Price Drop

Bitcoin dipped below $55,000, falling by 6% to $54,600 over the weekend. This drop came despite some recovery from the losses at the end of the previous week. Bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and fell to a low of $54,000 on Friday, according to Decrypt data. Currently, Bitcoin is trading at around $55,300.

Market Uncertainty and Selling Pressure

Several factors are causing uncertainty in the crypto market. One major factor is potential selling pressure from the German government. Germany holds 39,826 BTC, worth about $2.2 billion at current prices, according to Arkham Intelligence. Additionally, 127,000 creditors from the Mt. Gox bankruptcy estate are awaiting their crypto funds.

Brief Price Rally

Over the weekend, Bitcoin attempted a brief price rally, trying to regain a footing above $58,000 by Sunday. However, it couldn’t hold onto those gains and ended up trading at its lowest point since late February.

Impact of Mt. Gox Repayments

Users from the defunct Japanese exchange Mt. Gox are waiting to receive up to $7.7 billion in funds lost due to a hack over 10 years ago. Repayments from Mt. Gox are set to begin this month, with the exchange planning to distribute around 142,000 BTC and 143,000 Bitcoin Cash. This large distribution could add significant selling pressure to the Bitcoin market.

Summer Trading and Market Trends

Summer usually brings a lull in the crypto markets. However, this year might be different. With an excess supply of Bitcoin and downward momentum, traders could see a busier period than expected. More supply flooding the market can lead to a significant impact on prices, especially if the order books are thinly traded.

Crypto Market Liquidations

Liquidations across the crypto market show that long positions have been wiped out to the tune of $175 million, according to CoinGlass data. Short positions have also been hit, with $35 million erased, amounting to some $210 million in total. This followed an extensive sell-off on Thursday and Friday, which saw $600 million in liquidations after Bitcoin briefly dropped below $55,000.

Broader Market Impact

The broader financial markets are also experiencing a liquidity shortfall in Q2 2024. The Federal Reserve’s reverse repo balance surged by over $200 billion last week to $664.5 billion. This hints at a significant liquidity drain, affecting various markets, including cryptocurrencies.


The current Bitcoin market is facing several challenges. Between government holdings, Mt. Gox repayments, and general market uncertainty, Bitcoin traders should brace for possible significant selling pressure in the months ahead. With summer typically bringing a lull, this year’s excess supply might create a different trading environment. Keep an eye on the broader financial impacts as well, as they play a crucial role in shaping the crypto market’s future.

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