Home News Crackdown on Cryptocurrency Fraud: The $400 Million Ponzi Scheme Unraveled

Crackdown on Cryptocurrency Fraud: The $400 Million Ponzi Scheme Unraveled

by dave
1 minutes read

Argentina’s recent arrest of a couple accused of orchestrating a $400 million cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme has sent shockwaves through the crypto world. This high-stakes drama unfolded with the Argentine Federal Police and Interpol joining forces, showcasing international cooperation at its finest.

The duo, using aliases, slipped into Argentina, but their days of freedom were numbered. Identified as Antonio Inacio Da Silva Neto and Fabricia Farias Campos, the brains behind Braiscompany, they promised financial liberation but delivered deceit. Da Silva Neto, facing a red Interpol warrant since March 2023, and Campos have been sentenced to over a century in prison, marking a significant victory against financial crimes.

Following an intensive hunt, their purchases and payments under fake identities led to their capture. Now awaiting extradition to Brazil, their arrest underscores the global commitment to upholding financial integrity and combating cryptocurrency fraud.

December witnessed another linked individual’s extradition to Brazil, further dismantling the network behind Braiscompany’s fraudulent activities. This saga not only highlights the risks inherent in the crypto market but also the relentless pursuit of justice across borders.

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