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Sony Launches Bitcoin Exchange in Japan

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Sony Group Launches New Bitcoin Exchange: S.BLOX

Sony Group is making a big move into the cryptocurrency market by launching a new Bitcoin exchange in Japan. They recently acquired Amber Japan, a local subsidiary of Amber Group, and rebranded it as S.BLOX. This step marks Sony’s official entry into the Bitcoin and crypto space. Let’s break down what this means for Sony and the future of cryptocurrency.

Sony’s Acquisition of Amber Japan

In 2023, Sony Group, through its subsidiary Quetta Web, purchased Amber Japan. Amber Japan was initially known as DeCurret before being acquired by Singapore-based Amber Group in 2022. However, after facing financial troubles following the FTX collapse, Amber Japan was sold to Sony. Now, Sony is rebranding and revitalizing this platform as S.BLOX.

What is S.BLOX?

S.BLOX is the new name for the crypto exchange formerly known as Amber Japan. Sony plans to make significant improvements to the exchange, including a better user interface and a new mobile app. Though the exact launch date hasn’t been announced, this revamp aims to enhance the user experience and make crypto trading more accessible.

Sony’s Expansion into the Bitcoin and Crypto Space

Sony’s move into the cryptocurrency market shows its growing interest in Bitcoin and other digital assets. By leveraging the established platform of Amber Japan, now S.BLOX, Sony hopes to capitalize on its strong brand recognition. This could help boost the adoption of its Bitcoin and crypto offerings worldwide.

Japan’s Leading Role in the Bitcoin Market

Japan is one of the top markets for Bitcoin due to its proactive regulations and high consumer awareness. This makes it an ideal place for Sony to debut its crypto exchange. The country’s favorable environment for cryptocurrency trading can help Sony succeed in this new venture.

Major Corporations Embracing Cryptocurrency

Sony is not the only major company stepping into the cryptocurrency market. Other large corporations are also exploring Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Sony’s history of successful acquisitions, like CBS Records and Columbia Pictures, shows its capability to transform industries. Their latest acquisition, S.BLOX, could bring similar success to the Bitcoin market.

Improving WhaleFin Services

One of the key features of S.BLOX will be the overhaul of WhaleFin, a crypto trading service. Sony plans to enhance the user interface and launch new applications for WhaleFin. The goal is to create more value in cryptocurrency trading services and attract more users.

Sony’s Resources and Expertise

Sony, known for its ventures in gaming, music, and cameras, has a market value of over $100 billion. The company is using its vast resources and expertise to innovate in the regulated Japanese crypto market. By doing so, Sony aims to set new standards for the industry and expand its influence.

The Significance of Sony’s Crypto Move

Sony’s entry into the cryptocurrency market is significant for several reasons. It signals wider mainstream momentum for Bitcoin and other digital assets. It also reflects Sony’s strategy to diversify its portfolio beyond traditional electronics and media.

Challenges and Opportunities

While Sony’s move into the Bitcoin and crypto space is exciting, it also comes with challenges. The crypto market is known for its volatility and regulatory hurdles. However, Sony’s strong reputation and innovative approach can help it navigate these challenges and seize new opportunities.

Future Plans for S.BLOX

S.BLOX has ambitious plans for the future. Sony aims to release an improved version of WhaleFin and continue enhancing its services. By collaborating with various Sony Group businesses, S.BLOX hopes to create new value in the cryptocurrency trading space.

Sony’s NFT and Blockchain Ventures

Sony has also been exploring the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology in gaming. In March 2023, Sony filed a patent for an “NFT Framework for Transferring and Using Digital Assets Between Games Platforms”. This outlines a system for using NFTs across different gaming platforms. This innovation shows Sony’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology.


Sony Group’s launch of the S.BLOX Bitcoin exchange marks a significant step into the cryptocurrency market. By acquiring Amber Japan and rebranding it, Sony is positioning itself as a major player in the Bitcoin and crypto space. With Japan’s favorable market conditions and Sony’s vast resources, S.BLOX has the potential to become a leading crypto exchange. This move reflects Sony’s strategy to diversify and innovate, making it an exciting time for the company and the broader cryptocurrency market.

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